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How To Create Business Flyers with BellAir Flyers

BellAir Flyers comes with all the top range features that can help marketing team from the small or medium sized organizations create highly effective and colorful business flyers.

The Flyers created using our vibrant tool is sure to create a buzz in the marketplace . No matter what industry they belong to, our interactive flyer design platform has readymade templates available for the business owners doing business in diverse industries .

Choosing the Right Business Flyer Template

One of the most important factors that has a huge impact on the final look and feel of the business flyer is the template design process. Our online platform offers a number of business flyer templates for business owners to choose and start building the flyer.

Various Size Options

Our Portal provides business flyer templates of various sizes including standard flyer sizes such as 4 inches by 6 inches, 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches, 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches, 5 inches by 7 inches, 6 inches by 11 inches and 11 inches by 10 inches. Marketers representing the small or medium size organizations can choose the size that best works for their marketing campaign.

Range of Themes To choose from

Users can choose a wide range of readily available themes form the “Themes” section available in our template design platform. Some of the popular themes available include Elegant, Floral, Illustration, organic, Professional, Solid colors and Vintage among others. If the user is not sure on the right theme to choose for their business flyers, they can make use of the “Industry” section provided right below the Themes section. By choosing a relevant industry option provided in the list, the template comes filled in automatically based on a popular theme associated with the industry.

Different Industry Options

Right from Accounting to Beauty to Music to retail, users can choose the industry based template that is relevant to their business. Our design tool offers a wide range of industry based themes to choose from including Interior Design, Jewelry, Technology, transportation , Real Estate and Event Planning to name a few. When the user chooses the relevant industry theme, our tool brings out the most colorful themes associated with the selected industry and presents it to the user.

Customization Options

Business Flyer Design platform provides customization options to the users, using which one can modify the event or product promotional related messages that need to go in as part of the flyer. The tool not only enables users to customize the front section of the business flyer template but also the back side of the template. After adding the requited text, users can also add images to the business flyer template.

Proof Reading

Once the customization has been completed, users can proof read the designed business flyer before actually choosing to print the business flyers based on the designed template. While proof reading, if the user wants to make some changes to their template, out tool provides the Edit option to perform modifications on the fly.

In addition to providing a template of themes to base their business flyers, our platform lets the user to upload their own template designs and get it printed as business flyers.

Our Business Flyer Design and print platform is capable of accepting business flyer print orders on two paper stock types including 15 point card Stock and Premium Uncoated paper . If the business owners want their printed business flyers to come with rounded corners or full gloss coating, our tool provides the required options to choose at the time of placing the print orders. Our printing process uses environment friendly papers for printing purposes. We use papers that are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) for printing business flyers and other Business print materials used for promotional purposes. These papers are completely Chlorine free there by playing a role in reducing the pollution levels in atmosphere.

So, if you are looking for a compact but at the same time highly scalable business flyer design and print platform for your marketing campaign, no matter what your industry requirements demand, BellAir Flyers has all the ingredients needed for creating a professional business flyer that can take your business to the next level.